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GALA de LUXE at Luxe Pack LA 2019 Exhibitor for Luxury Packaging

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GALA de LUXE had the opportunity to participate in the Luxe Pack Convention in Los Angeles just last week (2/27-2/28).

GALA de LUXE – the luxury packaging company a proud exhibitor at Luxe Pack LA 2019

Gala Delux has been in the packaging industry for 15 years, and we have had experience in a variety of industries such as food, toys, cosmetic jewelry, electronics, stationery packaging, and so much more.

Luxe Pack LA 2019 Exhibitor Booth
Our booth at the convention center in Los Angeles

During the convention, people that stopped by our booth loved the magnetic business card holder we were giving away. The business card holder has customized foiling with our brand and logo on it. This black little box is simple, small, chic, yet useful at the same time.

The Gladys Tamez Millnery folding rigid box was also very eye-catching to many people as it was big and sturdy.

There is a silky black ribbon as a handle that closes the box. The box was also designed to be compact and fold-able. The advantage of it being fold-able is that clients get more quantity with a lower shipping cost. 

People loved our stylish Luxury Rigid Boxes

Luxury Rigid Box

There were many people looking for rigid boxes and luxury packaging at the convention, which we provide and allow customization to your liking. We have our own in-house designer to assist clients with their graphics layout from subscription boxes to luxury packaging for various products.