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A Simple Graduation Gift Ideas that Everyone Likes

A Simple Graduation Gift Ideas that Everyone Likes 800 533 admin

It’s the Graduation season, which means it is time for gift shopping for graduates again! For those of you reading that is in search for a gift guide, here is a small list GALA de LUXE gathered together:

Finishing school is a big milestone in life, the next step to that would be to look for a job which means going to job interviews!  


A pad-folio makes a useful gift for organizing your resume and important documents keeping everything in place. This would also include your credit cards, pen, chargers, phone, etc.


Adding on to job interviews, graduates would need a nice pair of comfortable shoes to go with that (dress shoes for males and flats/ heels for females). Cole Han has an excellent selection of comfy and good quality shoes made to last.

Hand watch

A timeless gift would be a hand watch, watches put a completes look with the suit/blouse you are wearing for an interview.

Jewelry, charms, and business essentials

GALA de LUXE makes the perfect sturdy rigid box for storage, specifically for jewelry and watches.

a simple necklace
a little charm
a necktie

Don’t forget the gift cards

Additionally, gift cards are always good as an add on gift or if you if not know what to give.  

A suggestion would be a Macy’s gift card because you can get shoes or a nice pair of dress pants, slacks, a dress shirt, blouse, blazer, tie, a suit, jewelry, dress socks, etc.