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Pros and Cons of Soy-Based Ink on Food Packaging Boxes

Pros and Cons of Soy-Based Ink on Food Packaging Boxes 720 480 admin

Some people are skeptical about the use of soy-based ink, though soy-based ink is being used more often now.

Pros of using soy-based ink

There are actually a lot of pros using soy-based ink, one pro is that it is easier to remove from paper, which means the paper will be less damaged when de-inking.

Using soy-based ink on color printing results in more vibrant effects. Soy-based ink can also be reusable when mixing black ink with unused color inks.

Another major pro of soy-based ink is that it minimizes the cost and paper waste. Soy-based ink is very beneficial as it is more user friendly on older printing equipment.

Here, at GALA de LUXE we use non-smell glue with no lead, soy-based ink that is FDA approved (which is perfect for chocolate and other elidable sweets).

Cons of using soy-based ink

Now that we have mentioned the pros of soy-based ink, here comes the con:

Soy-based ink takes longer to dry which is more likely to increase the risk of the ink rubbing off. Soy-based ink for black ink has a slightly higher cost compared to petroleum-based ink. Metals zinc and barium found on the white and red inks can be toxic if it is not removed properly.

Overall, soy-based ink has more pros than cons as it is perfect to use for food packaging and it requires less work to transition from dark to light-colored ink when printing.

GALA de LUXE uses a five-color offset printing machine for production which means more accurate color matching. This is perfect for those that are seeking luxury or simple packaging for the food or any other industry at a great price.