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May 2019

Luxe Pack New York 2019
Luxe Pack New York 2019 150 150 Kelsey

Gala Deluxe had the opportunity of attending the annual Luxe Pack Convention in New York from 5/15-5/16. We are a packaging company that is well experienced in the food, cosmetic, jewelry, stationery industry etc. During the two-day convention, it was a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to learn about their packaging needs.

People that stopped by our booth were particularly interested in our newly developed CBD packaging set. The set has a rigid box with hidden magnetic closing, foam inserts, cuff box with circular inserts for droplets, and paper box with clear PVC packaging. The labels can be customized, for this sample set we choose a dark gray spot UV print with sliver foiling for the logo. We choose the colors white and green because it looks simple and eco-friendly.

We can assist you with your packaging needs, whether it be custom packaging, luxury retail packaging, or stationery manufactures so do not be hesitant to contact us with our own in-house designers. We will also be talking more about CBD packaging set in a blog post in the near future, so keep an eye out!

How important is the luxury packaging affecting the brand images?
How important is the luxury packaging affecting the brand images? 150 150 Kelsey

Luxury packaging plays a key role when it comes to retail brands and even more so for bigger/ designer brands. Having luxury packaging is guarantee to increase the popularity of brand identity. For instance, consumers that like to spend a lot of money on handbags, clothing, cosmetics, and perfume are willing to a little more extra on the packaging.

 Having a ribbon or simply foiling on the packaging can make a huge difference making a brand look normal to luxury. The specialty in packaging design can make the whole buying experience a lot of fun, leaving the consumer wanting to come back for more. Luxury packaging along with excellent customer service can make the product itself way more special. This will lead to consumers telling their friends about their experience bringing more consumers to the brand, increasing brand popularity.

When an item is meant to be high-end such as high-quality chocolate, jewelry, and watches there are some expectations of the product’s quality and packaging. This would be the whole purchasing experience from spotting the item from the shelf to opening the packaging finally seeing the product. This is all about the whole experience and not about where the item is a $10 chocolate or $500 perfume. At Gala Deluxe, we create luxury packaging for various industry with custom boxes, rigid boxes, luxury retail packaging, etc. We can create packaging whether it be a $10 chocolate or $500 perfume, and they will both look like luxury packaging packaged with care.

What paper products are included? Part 2 – Tissue Paper
What paper products are included? Part 2 – Tissue Paper 150 150 Kelsey

Anti-dumping is reviewed every year by the Department of Commerce during the anniversary month of its publication. This is related to countervailing duty order, finding/ suspended investigation.

Products that include tissue paper has to be cut-to-length sheets weighting 29 grams/ square meter maximum. Tissues paper products in this situation can be bleached, dye-colored, surface-colored, glazed, surface decorated, glazed, surface decorated. Tissue paper products can also be printed, sequined, crinkled, embossed, and die cut. However, tissue paper product in the situation can also be not bleached, not dye-colored, not glazed, etc.

Tissue papers in anti-dumping is cut-to-length greater/ equal to 0.5 inches. The tissue paper can be flat, folded, and packaged by being wrapped with paper. In order for this to work, the tissue paper would be placed in plastic/ film bags placed into boxes during the distribution to the consumer’s hand. Packages with tissue paper can only have tissue paper with one color or style and can have multiple colors plus styles at the same time.

The tissue paper subject to this order is in the form of cut-to-length sheets of tissue paper with a width equal to or greater than one-half (0.5) inch. Subject tissue paper may be flat or folded, and may be packaged by banding or wrapping with paper or film, by placing in plastic or film bags, and/or by placing in boxes for distribution and use by the ultimate consumer. Packages of tissue paper subject to this order may consist solely of tissue paper of one color and/or style, or may contain multiple colors and/or styles.

What is Anti-dumping and What paper products are included? Part 1 – Notebook
What is Anti-dumping and What paper products are included? Part 1 – Notebook 150 150 Kelsey

Anti-dumping happens when a manufacturer from out of the United States sells goods in the U.S. less than its actual value. This leads to decrease in sales for industries in the United States. Anti-dumping in companies are very in dept with its duty calculations. The duties are calculated with a purpose to build back the breaks into fair market values.

Many lined paper products are included in anti-dumping, such as school supplies, notebooks, and notepads. However, labeling products as school supplies or non-school supplies is not describing the composition of the papers.  Some papers have straight horizontal or vertical lines on 10+ paper sheets and there are no minimum page requirements for loose-leaf filler papers. This includes single and muti-subject notebooks, composition books, wireless notebooks, loose-leaf/ glued filler paper, graph paper, and laboratory notebooks.

The smaller dimensions for paper measuring are 6 to 15 inches and for larger dimension is 83/4 to 15 inches. Exclusions from this would be trade marked products, Fly lined paper products, Zipes notebooks, and Five-star Advance and Flex notebooks, etc.