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What is HS Code and how are they classified?
What is HS Code and how are they classified? 150 150 Kelsey

HS Code stands for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System is a standardized international system that determines products that are traded globally. Traded products are required to have an HS code that matches the Harmonized Tariff Schedule from the country it was imported from.  Without the HS code, products cannot be imported or exported internationally.

The Harmonized System places approximately 5,000 commodity groups into simple six-digit code, which is broken down into 21 Harmonized System sections, 96 Harmonized System chapters, and even thousands of headings. The exceptional chapters are chapter 77, 98, 99 that is limited to national use. The heading tells us the category focused on any chapters.

The sub-headings are the last two digits of the HS Code that is specify in categorizing sub-products. For instance, decaf is “0901.22” and coffee beans are “0901.21” and instant coffee would be under heading 21. The range is very much not the same and this tends to happen with a lot of products. Extra digits are for countries with very specific identifications (with an additional 2-4 digits).

How 301 Tariff is affecting the paper industry:
How 301 Tariff is affecting the paper industry: 150 150 Kelsey

Section 301 is part of the Trade Act of 1974 where it allows the President to take actions to remove any act, policy, and practice from foreign government with unfair foreign barriers to the U.S. exports. If by any reason the United State Trade Representative seeks an investigation involving Section 301, it must be negotiable with foreign countries with compensation/ getting rid of trade barriers.

One major impact on 301 Tariff affecting the paper industry is the cash flow due to money spent in paying for tariff. The money only gets reimbursed when companies are able to increase prices on clients. Some paper companies are holding onto tariffed inventories longer than expected because of slower sales. Many small private companies in the paper industry are suffering from Section 301 Tariffs from China and trying to stay competitive at the same time.

This is also causing companies in the paper industry to evaluate carefully on how products are being identify and their product designs. For instance, minor changes in paper products design can lead small tariff adjustments and unwanted tariffs.

What is Proposition 65 and Proposition 65’s Testing Requirements:
What is Proposition 65 and Proposition 65’s Testing Requirements: 150 150 Kelsey

Proposition 65 makes it mandatory for every business to give warning labels to people in California about exposures to various chemicals that causes cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm. This became the law when it was approved in November 1986, when the vote was 63 to 37% rate. Proposition 65 is applicable to every consumer good sold in the state, which means this effect all the domestic manufactures, and its retailers.

Businesses are required to provide a clear warning before exposing others to listed chemicals. The warning signs can be labeled on the consumer product, posted at work places, and newspapers.

Some items that are required for testing are cases for cosmetics, laptops, wallets and organizers. Also clothing, electric products, eyewear/ eyeglasses, food/ food contact products, premium & decorative items. Additionally, jewelry, stationery, journals and planners. Here at Gala Deluxe, all our packaging and products are proposition 65 approved.

Food Grade Box Packaging:
Food Grade Box Packaging: 150 150 Kelsey

With over 15 years experience in the packaging industry, we at Gala Deluxe are known for custom boxes, retail packaging, and luxury retail packaging. One of our many specialties is food grade packaging, especially for chocolates, macaroons, teas, and coffees.

Our food grade box packaging is printed with soy-based inks so you do not need to worry about toxic substances. Using rigid boxes for chocolates can make a huge difference at retail, providing an elevated aesthetic with luxury packaging.

Utilizing foiling for logos and boarders on custom packaging is minimalistic yet looks high end at the same time. Having your own customized package is one of the best ways to stand out, especially when you are a startup or small business trying to get noticed.

When it comes to food packaging at retail, it is critical to come up with an eye-catching logo and package design. Here, at Gala Deluxe we have our own in-house designers that can assist clients with graphic layouts.

We at Gala DeLuxe also specialize in consolidating shipments from the factory in China to our Los Angeles warehouse. This reduces shipping cost and provides faster transit. Whether you are looking for food grade packaging, custom boxes, retail packaging, or luxury packaging, Gala Deluxe can do it all.