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What is Anti-dumping duty? and What paper products are included?

What is Anti-dumping duty? and What paper products are included? 1024 705 admin

What paper products are included? Part 2 – Tissue Paper

Anti-dumping is reviewed every year by the Department of Commerce during the anniversary month of its publication.

This is related to countervailing duty orders, finding/ suspended investigation.

Products that include tissue paper have to be cut-to-length sheets weighing 29 grams/ square meter maximum. Tissues paper products in this situation can be bleached, dye-colored, surface-colored, glazed, surface decorated, glazed, surface decorated.

Tissue paper products can also be printed, sequined, crinkled, embossed, and die cut. However, tissue paper products in the situation can also be not bleached, not dye-colored, not glazed, etc.

Tissue papers in anti-dumping are cut-to-length greater/ equal to 0.5 inches. The tissue paper can be flat, folded, and packaged by being wrapped with paper. In order for this to work, the tissue paper would be placed in plastic/ film bags placed into boxes during the distribution to the consumer’s hand.

Packages with tissue paper can only have tissue paper with one color or style and can have multiple colors plus styles at the same time.

The tissue paper subject to this order is in the form of cut-to-length sheets of tissue paper with a width equal to or greater than one-half (0.5) inch. The subject tissue paper may be flat or folded and may be packaged by banding or wrapping with paper or film, by placing in plastic or film bags, and/or by placing in boxes for distribution and use by the ultimate consumer.

Packages of tissue paper subject to this order may consist solely of tissue paper of one color and/or style or may contain multiple colors and/or styles.

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