Planners and Agendas

Planners and Agendas 150 150 Kelsey

With everything being digital in the world today, sometimes it is nice to have written or physical copies of things. Planners/ agendas is an excellent tool for those who are busy and always on the go. For some people, planners are essential and help stay organized not forgetting important task that needs to be done.

Gala de Luxe is not only a packaging design and manufacturing company, but we also create and design stationary including planners/ agendas for various clients. Additionally, we have a separate stationery line established in 2016.

The more popular planner would be ones with hard stitched covers; they can be dated or undated for any time use. Spiral planners are also great with a stretchy band to secure the pages. Our planners can include custom stickers and labels. The fabric hard cover planers we create is a simple design that can be printed with foiling that adds a luxury touch to it.