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June 2019

Being Sustainable with Packaging
Being Sustainable with Packaging 150 150 Kelsey

Nowadays with people becoming more conscious with the environment and the waste one may produce; people are more paying more attention to items of everyday use. Consumers tend to lean toward packaging of items that are biodegradable or reusable.

Additionally, with everything being digital nowadays, there are many people that do online shopping. This means there are unnecessary packaging waste that will come with it.

For this reason, a great advantage of shopping in person is that you can reduce waste by unlimiting packaging materials. Consumers can receive the products by not taking the plastic shopping bag and bringing a reusable shopping bag. Special products, such as jewelries the containers can be reuse and not go to waste. Or even bigger collapsible rigid box on bigger purchases that can be used for storages. Many of our clients reuse the retail packaging, customize boxes, and especially the luxury retail packaging made from us.

To add on, even though many things are digital nowadays, there are still people that like to write things down for planning or shopping. The note books/ planners and memo pads we make at Gala de Luxe are FSC certified. The Forest Stewardship Council assures that the wood materials used on products are from post-consumer waste. Therefore, these items are safe to use and recyclable.

Graduation Gift Set:
Graduation Gift Set: 150 150 Kelsey

It’s Graduation season, which means it is time for gift shopping for graduates again! For those of you reading that are in search for a gift guide, here is a small list Gala de Luxe gathered together:

Finishing school is a big mile stone in life, the next step to that would be to look for a job which means going to job interviews!  A pad-folio makes a useful gift for organizing your resume and important documents keeping everything in place. This would also include your credit cards, pen, chargers, phone, etc.

Adding on to job interviews, graduates would need a nice pair of comfortable shoes to go with that (dress shoes for male and flats/ heels for female). Cole Han has a excellent selection of comfy and good quality shoes made to last.

A timeless gift would be a hand watch, watches put a completes look with the suit / blouse you are wearing for an interview. Gala de Luxe makes the perfect sturdy rigid box for storage, specifically for jewelry and watches.

Additionally, gift cards are always good as a add on gift or if you if not know what to give.  A suggestion would be a Macy’s gift card  because you can get shoes or a nice pair of dress pants, slacks, dress shirt, blouse, blazer, tie, a suit, jewelries, dress socks etc.

Father’s Day Gift Guide:
Father’s Day Gift Guide: 150 150 Kelsey

With Father’s Day just around the corner, for those who have not yet decide on what to get we are here to help! Since there are so many options out there, it may make it difficult for you to choose what to get and that is why we are here to narrow it down:

First on the list would be a nice bottle of wine or whiskey because who doesn’t love a nice bottle of alcohol? Here at Gala Deluxe, we created a new Phantom wine box packaging specifically for alcohol packaging. The tall rigid box has spot UV, gold foiling on text, and EVA/ high-density custom foam inserts perfectly securing the wine inside. The box comes in red, green, and black with matching foiling text, but can be customized to your liking.

Next on the list would be “Death Wish Coffee” the strongest coffee in the world, perfect for dads on the go keeping them energize to get through the day. This has over 17,000 reviews for its amazing strong taste and can be purchased on amazon: Click here

Moving on, a Stainless Steel & Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee/ Tea Flask would be a practical long-lasting gift: You can choose the oz size and color depending on your preference, this is perfect for dads on the go!

Another great gift would be cooking spices for dads that like to grill and cook. This is perfect for summer family get together, and celebrations. You can even add on a receipt cook book to go with this.

Lastly, you can never go wrong with practical gifts such as slippers, bathrobes, earphones, and wireless phone chargers, etc. But remember,the best gift is will always be your present spending time with your father.

Advent Calendars
Advent Calendars 150 150 Kelsey

Advent calendars have been around for a long time, however throughout the recent years it is growing in various industries. Advent calendars are popular among different age groups from kids to adults, from candy sweets to adults.

Advent calendars are printed on sturdy rigid boxes with two side openings for easier accessibility. There are different types on inserts with individual trays labeling the number. Drawer folding box in the advent calendars are great for larger or heavier products. Open lid inserts are perfect for smaller products such as chocolate. This would depend on the weight of each product to determine the thickness of the grey board.

The design concept for the 25 days of Christmas Beary the Polar bear was going for a cute, children friendly design that can also cater to grow ups. The letters are printed with gold and sliver foiling adding contrast to the colorful packaging. The advent calendars include 4 color process and matter lamination for longer lasting. Recently, we have also worked with a cosmetic company creating an advent calendar for a special holiday countdown, a larger rigid box with bigger drawers holding its beauty products.

Planners and Agendas
Planners and Agendas 150 150 Kelsey

With everything being digital in the world today, sometimes it is nice to have written or physical copies of things. Planners/ agendas is an excellent tool for those who are busy and always on the go. For some people, planners are essential and help stay organized not forgetting important task that needs to be done.

Gala de Luxe is not only a packaging design and manufacturing company, but we also create and design stationary including planners/ agendas for various clients. Additionally, we have a separate stationery line established in 2016.

The more popular planner would be ones with hard stitched covers; they can be dated or undated for any time use. Spiral planners are also great with a stretchy band to secure the pages. Our planners can include custom stickers and labels. The fabric hard cover planers we create is a simple design that can be printed with foiling that adds a luxury touch to it.